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Having a parent with an alcohol use disorder increases the risk for dating violence among teenagers, [...]

A new study shows that bilingual speakers' ability to speak a second language is improved after [...]

Researchers have found a genetic variation, which associates with the damage caused by maternal alco [...]

Alcohol brands popular among underage drinkers are more likely to air television advertisements that [...]

A new study appears to challenge the theory that cells in the brain's immune system are the cul [...]

- Press Association

Rebecca Evans to introduce bill to Welsh assembly that will ‘make it an offence for retailers to sel [...]

- Luisa Dillner

A new report suggests that young people are aware of their parents’ drinking – and it may well have [...]

- Jenny Valentish

The Cold Chisel frontman opens up about his wayward past as his second memoir, Working Class Man, hi [...]

- Chad Parkhill

Tradition demands the ingredients for these bittersweet spirits are kept under wraps but is secrecy [...]

- Anne Perkins

The Institute for Alcohol Studies’ warnings are disproportionate and risk undermining broader health [...]