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Harms to people resulting from alcohol consumption by others in Germany in 2014 are assessed in a ne [...]

Scientists have found that they can reverse the desire to drink in alcohol-dependent rats -- with th [...]

Young people's awareness of alcohol marketing -- and their ownership of alcohol-branded merchan [...]

Researchers have found that adolescent binge drinking, even if discontinued, increases the risk for [...]

New research indicates that, unlike other anxiety disorders, social anxiety disorder may have a dire [...]

- Stephen Moss

The government is reviewing airport licensing laws. But after another drunken brawl on a plane, shou [...]

- Rob Davies

Normally fraternal world of microbreweries in acrimonious split over tax breaksTrouble is brewing in [...]

- Andrew Finlay

My friend Michael Wilks, who has died of prostate cancer aged 69, was a forensic physician. His prof [...]

- Charlotte Church

I don’t want to be teetotal, but I have had enough of the creeping panic, shame and guilt that comes [...]

- Jon Henley European Affairs Correspondent

Online tool will tackle the worst youth alcohol problem in EuropeSo you’re 16 and at a schoolfriend’ [...]