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Are you more or less likely to drink often and heavily when in a relationship? That may depend on th [...]

Could a small drop in the alcohol content of beer or other drinks reduce the harmful effects of alco [...]

A group of experts on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders has produced proposed clinical guidelines for [...]

A new study looks at how young women's beliefs about alcohol and sex affect condom usage during [...]

Increased levels of a molecule in the brain, called hypocretin, may contribute to cocaine addiction, [...]

- Christina Patterson

Amid the flatpacks, the furniture giant somehow unites old and young, rich and poor, black and white [...]

- Sam Levin in San Francisco

New rules banning ‘hard alcohol’ and ‘shots’ from campus events were unveiled months after Brock Tur [...]

- Press Association

Over a third of parents of under 14s use alcohol as a bribe for good behaviour, survey from Churchil [...]

- Gareth Hutchens and Nick Evershed

Rates of alcohol and drug abuse are increasing, according to the inaugural Australian Youth Developm [...]

- James Walsh and Guardian readers

With Camra warning of 21 pubs closing every week across Britain, we want to hear from locals whose p [...]