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Fear of dismissal or of losing their authorization keeps medical doctors trapped in their substance- [...]

Examining more than 20 years of national data for US adolescents, a research team reports that adole [...]

Researchers have identified a hormone that acts on the brain to increase the desire to drink water i [...]

Engineers have developed a tiny, ultra-low power chip that could be injected just under the surface [...]

Rats who were dosed with nicotine during their adolescence grew up to drink alcohol more often than [...]

- Barbara Ellen

As the safe limits for alcohol are lowered, it’s time middle-class drinkers realised a comfortable l [...]

- Sarah Boseley Health editor

Drinking is as harmful as smoking, and more than five drinks a week lowers life expectancy, say rese [...]

- Guardian Staff

The Sourdough Saloon in Yukon territory offers tipples containing a digit – and a British man has pr [...]

- Andrew Stafford

With Australia’s live music scene struggling to survive, Brisbane’s promoters are using open and alc [...]

- Sirin Kale

A stag night used to mean a few drinks down the pub. Now it’s a test of masculinity fuelled by cheap [...]