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The more sensitive people are to the bitter taste of caffeine, the more coffee they drink, reports a [...]

Alcohol advertisements on social media sites such as Facebook can increase young adults' desire [...]

People living in colder regions with less sunlight consume more alcohol and experience more alcoholi [...]

Advances in understanding adolescent brain development may aid future treatments of mental illness a [...]

While most college students who drink alcohol don't intend to drink to the point of blackout, m [...]

- Reuters in Mexico City

Tesla CEO tweeted in October that the spirit would be ‘coming soon’ but the regulatory council says [...]

13 November 1878: Children working more than five hours per day and sometimes as late as midnight se [...]

- Devarshi Lodhia

Rising prices and social diversification have scuppered the institution, making the boozer less of a [...]

- Coco Khan

Learning to socialise is an important aspect of university life. So cut the kids some slackSpare a t [...]

- Melissa Davey

It’s ‘critically important’ to identify hazardous drinking in older people, researchers sayAdults ov [...]