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New research has found that young adults who frequently binge drink were more likely to have specifi [...]

Increasing taxes on alcohol is one of the most cost-effective methods of reducing the harms caused b [...]

Alcohol use disorders can have devastating effects on a person's health, relationships and fina [...]

After seeing an ad in a campus newspaper promoting unhealthy late-night foods, researchers decided t [...]

Extended-release naltrexone -- an injection that decreases heavy drinking in the general population [...]

- Press Association

Dentist says she was detained and had passport confiscated after having one glass of wineA woman was [...]

- Press Association

Calls for cut in legal alcohol limit after more than 9,000 injuries or deaths in 2016The number of d [...]

- Julian Baggini

Official guidelines are based on morality, not evidence, so will never admit that there may be benef [...]

- Patrick Greenfield

Long-term study tracking Londoners aged 35 to 55 also found link to heavy drinkingPeople who abstain [...]

- Jack Taylor/Getty Images

The weekend before strict new licensing rules come into effect, photographer Jack Taylor took to the [...]