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The more alcohol that people drink, the more their cells appear to age. Researchers found that alcoh [...]

A new study investigated whether children whose mothers had an alcohol-related disorder would be at [...]

College students with disabilities binge drink more often than their non-disabled student peers, res [...]

Negative body image is associated with increased tobacco and alcohol use, with implications for both [...]

Impairments using information that help with decision-making and planning simple tasks are linked wi [...]

- Tanya Gold

Tanya Gold used drink to drown out the destructive voice inside her head. Will she ever fully recove [...]

- Jessica Furseth

Only a few pubs are still open to workers first thing in the morning – a throwback to when markets w [...]

- Toby Hall

The Turnbull government plans to prevent some people with severe drug and alcohol dependence to get [...]

- Press Association

Presenter has reportedly entered rehab for treatment for anxiety and prescription drug and alcohol a [...]

- Frances Perraudin

Caution urged over alcoholic popsicles, which can tip drivers over legal alcohol limit, as UK seeks [...]