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Trauma exposure has consistently been reported as a risk factor for alcohol use and related problems [...]

Heavy drinking can lead to neurophysiological and cognitive changes ranging from disrupted sleep to [...]

A possible link between adolescent sleep habits and early substance abuse has been identified by res [...]

What does drinking beer really do? A new study has shown that drinking beer affects the way we see s [...]

When drunk and surrounded by other drinkers, people's judgements of their own levels of intoxic [...]

- Simon Bowers

Bulk retail price deals plus changing habits and tastes among drinkers blamed as off-sales total 51% [...]

- Australian Associated Press

In findings regarding the deaths of two women, Greg Cavanagh says violence in Indigenous communities [...]

- Alan Travis Home affairs editor

School students across Europe smoke and drink less but there are new public health concerns about ex [...]

- Press Association

Drinking a moderate amount made it easier for volunteers – especially women – to view explicit sexua [...]

- Kevin Rawlinson

Civil Aviation Authority figures show there were 386 dangerous incidents in 2015, with alcohol point [...]