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One in five people in England have been harmed in some way by others' drinking over the past ye [...]

A new study finds that compared to alcoholic women, alcoholic men have more diminished brain activit [...]

A major new review of the world literature has found that fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is [...]

An international group of researchers has taken one of the first major steps in finding the biologic [...]

According to a roadside survey conducted in Washington State, 14.1% of drivers with children in the [...]

- Arwa Mahdawi

#YouKnowMe is both powerful and profoundly depressing – women shouldn’t have to justify wanting bodi [...]

- Denis Campbell Health policy editor

BMJ findings reveal sleep problems, burnout and drink dependency due to heavy workloadsDoctors are t [...]

- Sarah Marsh

Meanwhile, cocaine use among people in England tops the same global listDrinkers in the UK get drunk [...]

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Scapegoats | Gorbachev | Timpson | Hawthorn | Danny DrinkwaterIt is surprising that your stimulating [...]

- Ammar Kalia

As he leads his team into their first FA Cup final for 35 years, the Watford captain talks about his [...]