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Another negative health outcome linked to discrimination has been uncovered by research: alcohol abu [...]

Binge drinking — almost a rite of passage — peaks during the college years. So this begs the questio [...]

Alcohol consumption in Australia has declined steadily during the past decade, with per capita consu [...]

Girls who were overweight as children are likely to begin using cigarettes, marijuana or alcohol at [...]

While many people view college drinking as the norm, less understood is that how students drink can [...]

- Sarah Boseley Health editor

Charity says improved family relationships may be one of main reasons fewer young people are trying [...]

- James Meikle

Local government body shocked by figures that show almost 1.1m diseases or injuries linked to drinki [...]

- Alexi Duggins

Blue curaçao, blue vodka, blue gin, now there is blue-pigmented wine. But why? We explore the psycho [...]

- Press Association

TV viewers frequently saw slogan of tournament sponsor Carlsberg throughout England and Wales matche [...]

- Lucy Siegle

Is having a pint ethically unconscientious? What’s the carbon footprint of getting drunk? Time to un [...]