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Long-term heavy use of alcohol in adolescence alters cortical excitability and functional connectivi [...]

Older adults suffering from multiple chronic health conditions and depression are nearly five times [...]

Alcohol use disorders (AUDs) develop with time and in stages. Following the initiation of drinking, [...]

If the goal is to ease or extinguish fearful emotional memories like those associated with post-trau [...]

College matriculation is often associated with increases in the frequency and intensity of drinking. [...]

- Mariella Frostrup

A woman, whose son protects her from her abusive husband, wonders if she should leave without a trac [...]

- Homa Khaleeli

The bad behaviour of British tourists abroad caused a surge in complaints to police in the Spanish c [...]

- Abi Wilkinson

Are social pressure, awkward gaps in conversations and a dread of sober dancing weakening your resol [...]

- Damien Gayle

Global study claims industry’s marketing methods are encouraging young people to drink and often bre [...]

- Melissa Davey

Findings prove self-regulation by alcohol industry has failed, say coalition of health and community [...]