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New research finds that a woman's lifetime history of drug use can help predict whether the wom [...]

Heavy alcohol use during adolescence alters the development of brain, according to a recent study. C [...]

The drug baclofen has received high visibility as a possible breakthrough treatment for alcohol depe [...]

In the largest study of its kind, scientists say that they have identified a gene variant that suppr [...]

A liver hormone called ‘FGF21’ may regulate alcohol drinking by acting directly on a receptor in the [...]

- James Tapper

Some landlords are welcoming groups of revellers aiming to visit a dozen hostelries, but others are [...]

- Rob Davies

About 40m bottles were sold over the past 12 months – enough to make 1.12bn gin and tonics – as Spai [...]

- Alex McKinnon

It’s good the band’s frontman has acknowledged he is struggling, but it’s time we stopped allowing m [...]

- Peter Walker and Rowena Mason

Theresa May’s spokesman says sanctioning obese people who refuse help is not under consideration aft [...]

- Denis Campbell Health policy editor

Treasury urged to set minimum pricing to reduce alcohol-related harm as research finds cost to taxpa [...]