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The average news consumer might be surprised to learn that the economic costs of alcohol abuse far e [...]

The notion that having a drink can cure a hangover has been around since the 16th century. That does [...]

While investigating the idealized benefits between sport and addiction, researchers found that the p [...]

Stronger alcohol policies protect young people from dying in crashes caused by drunk driving accordi [...]

Hyperalgesia refers to an increased sensitivity to pain. It can occur during alcohol withdrawal, and [...]

- Sarah Marsh and Guardian readers

A group of MPs is calling for more support for the children of alcoholics. Was your childhood affect [...]

- Benjamin Lee

Concluding our series of Guardian writers’ all-time Academy picks, Benjamin Lee explains why this ha [...]

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The recent focus given by the MPs Liam Byrne and Jonathan Ashworth to the plight of children and fam [...]

- Zoe Williams

Generation X were the last of the heavy smokers and binge-drinkers – and it could be brutal economic [...]

- Megan Williams

Even more worrying than the incarceration rate is the number of people who die within days of being [...]