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As the nationwide opioid epidemic continues, more young people are developing a life-threatening hea [...]

What role does fate play when it comes to the 145,000 people diagnosed with cancer each year in Aust [...]

The total harm caused by excessive alcohol consumption is a staggering $2.05 per drink in the United [...]

Scientists have shed light on poorly understood brain mechanisms that suppress drug and alcohol crav [...]

Treatment practices need to change in order to help more people with alcohol use disorder, according [...]

- Richard Partington Economics correspondent

Companies rush to bring forward deliveries of champagne, wine, beer and spirits in time for the fest [...]

- Denis Campbell Health policy editor

Labour describes the cuts as ‘shameful and utterly counterproductive’Help for children who are addic [...]

- Richard Vize

Drowning our sorrows in duty-free whisky may be the only way to cope but as official policy, it stin [...]

- Stefanie Marsh

At 19, Legler broke the Olympic freestyle swimming record. But she was also an alcoholic and drug de [...]

- Denis Campbell Health policy editor

Matt Hancock asked about health implications of ‘cheap booze and fags’ amid growing anger among expe [...]