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Many studies of alcohol use disorders (AUDs) use tasks that involve monetary rewards or losses to ex [...]

University life often includes alcohol use, which can sometimes cause harm. Yet harm can also extend [...]

Pain sensitivity associated with alcohol withdrawal may activate the same brain region in both drink [...]

Drinking alcohol improves memory for information learned before the drinking episode began, new rese [...]

Fewer Australian teenagers are drinking alcohol but more needs to be done to curb the drinking habit [...]

- Letters

Our readers respond to news that doctors have urged the government to bring in minimum unit pricing [...]

- Sarah Butler

UK heatwave feeds extra £158m in sales of drink with huge leap in suncare and ice-cream purchases bu [...]

- Julie Bindel

I love a whisky or a bottle of wine with dinner. Why the drip-feed of negativity and judgment toward [...]

- Severin Carrell Scotland editor

Drinks industry body takes on Scottish government in supreme court over proposals to bring in 50 per [...]

- Rachel Banning-Lover and Guardian readers

Amid warnings that heavy drinking will kill 63,000 people over the next five years, we want to hear [...]