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Women who have had gastric sleeve surgery to lose weight may want to consider limiting the number of [...]

New research shows that countries with populations that value autonomy and harmony tend to have high [...]

Researchers find that the relationship between prairie vole couples suffers when the male has access [...]

Heavy drinking and smoking are linked to visible signs of physical aging, and looking older than one [...]

Head injury, which often damages brain regions overlapping with those involved in addictive behavior [...]

- Hannah Devlin Science correspondent

Scandal over Manchester lab raises doubts about evidence used in thousands of child protection cases [...]

- Eleanor Ainge Roy

Impoverished Pacific island nations aim to capitalise on famously potent spirit that can only be mad [...]

- Rob Davies

Duty band for super-strength white cider and perry will penalise us, warn artisansTraditional cider [...]

- Guardian Staff

The drink’s melancholy reputation has been backed up by a survey from Public Health Wales, although [...]

- James Morris

Alcoholism as a term has long expired, so why do common narratives around alcohol problems still rel [...]