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If you really want a drink right now, the source of your craving may be a pea-sized structure deep i [...]

A research group has identified an enzyme whose production is turned off in nerve cells of the front [...]

Alcohol-related hospitalization is associated with a doubled risk of ischemic stroke risk in patient [...]

Researchers know that youth with a family history of alcoholism have a greater risk of developing an [...]

Are you more or less likely to drink often and heavily when in a relationship? That may depend on th [...]

- Elle Hunt

With the NSW government set to deliver an independent review of its divisive lockout laws, a new rep [...]

- Anthony Russell

I originally took up poetry to woo girlfriends – now it helps me express my feelings and record what [...]

- Joshua Robertson

Study of alcohol-related injuries treated in Queensland hospitals finds 36% took place in the home c [...]

- Christina Patterson

Amid the flatpacks, the furniture giant somehow unites old and young, rich and poor, black and white [...]

- Sam Levin in San Francisco

New rules banning ‘hard alcohol’ and ‘shots’ from campus events were unveiled months after Brock Tur [...]