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How does the brain process rewards? Researchers are investigating how the brain responds differently [...]

A psychology experiment has shown why it can be so hard to direct our attention away from cues that [...]

Quitting alcohol may improve health-related quality of life for women, especially their mental well- [...]

Teenagers with large amounts of grey matter in the brain at age 14 are more likely to increase their [...]

Each year, one in five US adults -- an estimated 53 million people -- experience harm because of som [...]

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School uniforms | Al-Anon | Izal toilet paper | Triplets title pun | Boris JohnsonYomi Adegoke is ri [...]

- Tim Adams

For Craig Strippel, the stress of being a chef was cushioned by drink and drugs. Here, he talks abou [...]

- Sarah Johnson

For people battling addiction, social isolation can be a big problem. But one charity is rewarding u [...]

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Academics and leading medical experts on alcohol suggest the economic burden has been ‘generally und [...]

- Agence France-Presse in Copenhagen

Twenty-eight arrested for riding electric scooters after using alcohol or cannabisPolice in Copenhag [...]