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A new study has found that about 40 percent of adults in the United States who drink alcohol do so i [...]

Hormones that signal the body's state of hunger and fullness could be the key to new treatments [...]

Heavy drinking causes iron loading which puts strain on vital organs, research finds. [...]

New research examines alcohol's 'in the moment' effects on sexual aggression, or the [...]

Therapist- and computer-led alcohol interventions held in the emergency department can reduce teenag [...]

- Stuart Heritage

A new study has warned that consuming some foods can make people unsafe to drive. But how risky are [...]

- Rebecca Smithers

Drinks giants cater for wider range of low or no-alcohol tipples to match modern habitsIt’s summer, [...]

- Amrou Al-Kadhi

The London march is being hollowed out by corporations, and its militant secularism excludes people [...]

- Hannah Devlin Science correspondent

Forensic science regulator launches investigation into a number of expert witnessesThe “smoke and mi [...]

- Graham Beech

For the sake of their patients, addiction centres must be beyond reproach. These negative stories ar [...]