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Researchers have found the heaviest drinking 10 percent of Australians drink over half the alcohol c [...]

The neuropeptide oxytocin blocks enhanced drinking in alcohol-dependent rats, according to a new stu [...]

One negative behavior such as substance abuse or heavy alcohol drinking can lead college students to [...]

Employees who force themselves to smile and be happy in front of customers -- or who try to hide fee [...]

A new study shows a significant decrease in teen driving accidents when school start is delayed. Res [...]

- Gene Marks

Workers in service industries who suppress negative ones tended to be heavier drinkers, a study foun [...]

- Melissa Davey

Exclusive: Dr Saul Newman says public money is used to subsidise an industry with ‘devastating effec [...]

- Sarah Johnson

Dennis Rogers spent 10 years on the streets battling alcoholism, but isn’t sure he would have surviv [...]

- Virginia Ironside

The actor who plays Dot Cotton has no intention of giving up fags and booze. At 92, why should she?J [...]

- Mike Hytner

Only Melbourne Storm and Western Bulldogs don’t accept money from drinks industry, report findsA new [...]