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Excessive drinking during adolescence may interfere with the activity of brain cells needed for sust [...]

Teenage girls who regularly binge drink may fail to reach their peak bone mass, according to a new s [...]

College students seriously underestimate the effects of drinking a new class of beverages being mark [...]

New research indicates that opioid misuse and the use of cannabis and other drugs may compromise the [...]

In a recent study, people who reported not drinking any alcohol over several years were absent from [...]

- Amrou Al-Kadhi

The London march is being hollowed out by corporations, and its militant secularism excludes people [...]

- Hannah Devlin Science correspondent

Forensic science regulator launches investigation into a number of expert witnessesThe “smoke and mi [...]

- Graham Beech

For the sake of their patients, addiction centres must be beyond reproach. These negative stories ar [...]

- Jack Bernhardt

Tim Martin, the pub chain boss, won’t stock European drinks any more. If you like that stuff, you’re [...]

- Charles Anderson in Nelson

Road association calls for police to be given saliva testing kits to tackle ‘silent killer’More peop [...]